Floating Parks Made From Plastic Waste Could Help Tackle Pollution


Floating parks made from plastic waste might help communities to tackle pollution, according to a report published on January 13, 2019.

In 2014, the Recycled Park Project was launched by the Recycled Island Foundation and the Whim Architecture firm. The aim of this project was to gather plastic waste in Rotterdam’s New Meuse river before it enters the North Sea. There are three floating litter traps with nets attached that collect litter in the water while the riverbank is swept by the volunteers. Then, the retrieved plastic is converted into hexagonal building blocks, which have been used to build a floating island park in the river itself. The park is open to the community and is filled with plants and benches, thereby offering a new green habitat for people to enjoy in the heart of the city.

In July 201, a prototype of 140 square meter was opened to the public and in the near future, they hope to add five more plastic litter traps to the river, creating an island of at least 190 square meters. If this is successful, the same idea could be adopted worldwide. Huge amount of plastic is observed in the River Meuse, which is exposed after high tide on the river banks. The removal of plastic from river will help in avoiding the more costly and difficult job of removing it from the North Sea.

Reuse and recycling can be encouraged by treating waste as our communal property. A communal approach would encourage a sense of responsibility for waste and ensure that the community reaps the benefits of any solution, such as a floating park. There needs to be a clear stage at which waste becomes communal property.

Communal bins would provide an additional benefit if combined with rules that require the contents to stay within the community. Local dumps already exist, however much of this wastes are being taken by local authorities for landfill or exported to other countries. The current system of privatizing waste is failing to curb the pollution crisis. However, through a communal approach, people would have the right to launch creative solutions of their own.


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