Metamaterial Disordered Design Holds the Material Together


Material scientist studying the internal structure of metamaterials revealed that internal lattices with different orientations of crystal structure are found to be more stable and durable than materials.

Metamaterials are material engineered to have property re different from those found in naturally occurring materials. They are made from assemblies of multiple elements fashioned from composite materials such as metals or plastics. In a new study, researchers revealed that the internal lattices with disoriented have enhanced durability and strength instead of those tidy designed structures.

The work was published in the journal Nature on January 17, 2019 issue titled: Damage-tolerant architected materials inspired by crystal microstructure’. The work reveals that metamaterial lattices are generally composed of struts that form identical, repeating unit cells, and can exhibit properties. However, when the material is over loaded, it leads to the collapsing of overstressed struts, and that breakage quickly splinters through the whole grid, causing it to crumble.

The lattices with messy designs that may be more resistant to damages are found to be extremely durable compared to neatly patterned structures. The team designed irregular atomic arrangements inside the crystalline metals. They used the boundaries between these regions serve as roadblocks to stop defects from moving.

“Metamaterial lattices patterned after these atomic setups could make more reliable components for cars and airplanes, said Minh-Son Pham, material scientist of Imperial College London and lead researcher of the study. The study will help scientists to design metallic materials that will be more durable.


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