Tesla’s Third Generation Supercharger offers Half Charging Time


Tesla announced that Superchargers will provide its Model 3 Long Range version with up to 75 mi (120 km) of range with five minutes of charging time

Charging time is considered as a major factor for determining efficiency of electric vehicles. Recently Tesla launched its V3 Superchargers across North America, which will offer peak rates of up to 250 kW per car along with reducing charging times by around 50%. Tesla’s current crop of Superchargers number in the tens of thousands and dot many major routes across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, placed to allow road-tripping Tesla owners to top up en-route. Maxing out at 120 kW, they can offer plugged in Tesla’s a half-charged battery in around 30 minutes.

Tesla introduced 250-kW solution to make the company’s cars the fastest charging electric vehicles on the market. The new model leverages a 1 MW power cabinet inspired by Tesla’s utility-scale batteries, which enable owners to charge up at maximum rates. Furthermore, the company is introducing a new feature called On-Route Battery Warmup, which helps an owner to navigate a Supercharger station. The vehicle software automatically warms up the battery to the optimal temperature for maximum charging rates in time for their arrival. According to the CEO of company, this will use very low power and will not bring about a noticeable effect on range.

Tesla expects its new Superchargers to cut the typical charging time for owners by an average of 50 percent, according to its fleet data. It opened the first public beta site for the Model 3 in the Bay Area with further stations to be added in North America over the coming months and then to Europe and Asia Pacific in the final quarter of 2019.


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