Unique System Produces Electricity from Carbon Dioxide


A team of international scientists developed an innovative system by melting carbon dioxide into water to initiate an electrochemical reaction.

The researchers focused on the idea of extracting usable energy from carbon dioxide by infusing a number of phenomena. The developed system is capable of producing electricity and hydrogen fuel from carbon dioxide. The findings were reported in an online journal ACS in January 2019 issue.

“Carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration (CCUS) technologies have recently received a great deal of attention for providing a pathway in dealing with global climate change,” said Guntae Kim, from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in South Korea.

The system is developed using sodium and carbon dioxide, which converts carbon dioxide at stable operation to produce electrical energy and hydrogen. Large concentration of carbon dioxide is absorbed by oceans and turned into acidity, the new developed system is able to dissolute carbon dioxide from water.

Jeongwon Kim from UNIST, said: “This hybrid Na-CO2 cell, which adopts efficient CCUS technologies, not only utilizes CO2 as the resource for generating electrical energy but also produces the clean energy source, hydrogen. The key to that technology is the easy conversion of chemically stable CO2 molecules to other materials. Our new system has solved this problem with CO2 dissolution mechanism.

The system works on the phenomena that upon melting carbon dioxide into water, a reaction starts which increases the number of protons attracting more number of electrons. This phenomena attracts the production of electricity by removing carbon dioxide.



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